Complex Needs & Turnkey Solutions

Tandem Data Processing can offer any of the services below in isolation or as required. Indeed we can offer a unique Turnkey Development Program which can take a project from concept through consultation and Global Product Expansion to design and build using our high quality team of associates and consultant.

  • Concept & Vision

    If you haven’t already done this, we work with you, your trustees, staff and stakeholders to develop your concept and vision into an outline proposal. If you have already done this we undertake a brief health-check audit of the proposal.

  • Needs Analysis & Community Consultation

    If needed, we then use specialist associates to develop a community consultation exercise to consult the relevant community of interest, stakeholders and others to make sure that your dreams are rooted in real needs and a shared vision. Our Needs Analysis will focus on measuring value and outcomes associated with the proposed project and will include hard outputs and outcomes (how many and what’s achieved?) with soft outcomes which are often so important (how do you measure feeling happier?).

  • Project Development to Final Proposal Stage

    We help you develop the project by undertaking a development options appraisal in which we look creatively at how the project can be delivered. Often we find an opportunity or partnership opportunity where organizations can work together to achieve compatible aims. We continue to refine the project until a final proposal is agreed with the client which includes a clear needs analysis, collective buy-in from stakeholders, agreed objectives, measurable outputs, outcomes and impacts. A clear and justified design brief is agreed at this stage so that the development is based on meeting needs and not color schemes!

  • Business Planning & Sustainability Reporting

    We work with the client to develop a business plan, if relevant, and design a sustainability program to enable them to manage the building or development and to create a sustainable organization. The consultancy is able to offer a full range of business planning and management consultancy services.

  • Project Design

    Our architect associates will use the design brief to begin working with the client to design the project and take it through planning stage if required. The architect will provide a standard and comprehensive service based on RIBA terms and working closely with the client but is macro-managed by Tandem Data Processing enabling continuity of service. A full set of plans and costings are produced on which to base development and Global Product Expansion are put together in a formal Capital Project Development Plan.

  • Global Product Expansion Strategy, Plan & Research

    Tandem Data Processing will create a detailed Global Product Expansion strategy and implementation plan. This will be the workbook which will plan every facet of the campaign and look at all relevant factors from expansion to governance, public relations, resources and communications. It will cover all areas of expansion and design a program that will work.

  • Global Product Expansion

    Tandem Data Processing can then either manage the expansion campaign itself or support in-house management of the campaign. It has a full range of campaign professionals including consultants, marketers, researchers and trainers.

  • Construction Phase

    Once the product expansion is successful and the client can give the go-ahead for building work to start the architect and professional development team will return to project manage the whole build process again based on standard contracts. When the construction work is complete… your dream is a reality!